Hoop Dancing To Prevent And Decrease Burnout And Compassion Fatigue

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Self Care Through Body Play for Joy Replenishment

Think for a moment about a life without play. Dr. Stuart Brown, the President of the National Institute for Play, argued that the opposite of play is not work, it’s depression. Creating a conversation about the prevalence and challenges of burnout and compassion fatigue among nurses, while discussing the positive effects of hoop dancing as a form of body play for movement meditation, can aide in prevention of this occupational hazard through the release of stress and the replenishment of joy.

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Hoop Dancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

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The Hula Hoop Girl



Wild Rhythm Journey


Woman. This is your time.

Your time to rise, rooted to the heart of the Earth.
Your time to move, dancing to the rhythm of wild nature.
Your time to gather, envisioning a new personal story and collective mythology for womankind.

-Poetess Rachel Alaia

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On July 24 in San Diego, join Rachel Alaia of Wild Soul Wellness  and Caroline Sanchez of The Hula Hoop Girl  PLUS special guest Jessica Quinn of  Be Nutritious  on a unique embodiment experience to remember and reawaken your instinctual nature.

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Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training & Certification Program

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Join Shakti Sunfire of The Rhythm Way  and I Sweet Caroline of  The Hula Hoop Girl for a powerful Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training and Certification.

Learn how to poetically and powerfully deliver your students into a profound hoopdance experience that will leave them coming back for more. Skillful teaching is an ART that can be learned and that serves the whole. Step into your voice, your inner resources and your body as a successful Elemental Hoopdance Guide.

Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Certification is a weaving and co-creative course carefully crafted to coax out into center stage your unique teaching power and voice. Choose from an online, at-home guided self-study course, or the next in-person training with Shakti. Modules are structured to merge metaphorical and physical understanding and application of the 4 main elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, along with insightful, dance-focused hoopdance teaching techniques, and integral mastery of movement from the inside out. Through group and one-on-one process work, we’ll dive into beauty and metaphor to help us refine our skills to be empowered leaders and teachers in our communities. 

I also offer a FREE Discovery Call for any one who is interested abut still has questions. Send me a Personal Message if you would like to set up a call.
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Full Circle

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“Full Circle” Walden University Article about Caroline Sánchez creator of The Hula Hoop Girl

I am humbled and filled with the deepest gratitude to have my Master’s Thesis, “Hoop Dancing to Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses” and my Women’s Empowerment Soul-Work The Hula Hoop Girl, be recognized and celebrated by my alma mater Walden University.
It is my promise to continue to lead and guide women’s empowerment through embodied movement meditation body play self-care practices for the sake of powerful self-love!

Self-Care Equals Self-Love!www.TheHulaHoopGirl.com

// Dance in the Center of Your Joy \\

Oncology Nurses and the Power of Play

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What happens when you bring a shinny hula hoop to a breast cancer clinic?

The oncology nurses erupt into laughter, movement, and joy and the power of play begins to infuse the clinic with the healing power of team play (community)!

Dr. Stuart Brown founder of the National Institute for Play states, “Play, is becoming increasingly recognized as an important component of success in the workplace”. He states that trust in any setting, is established through play signals. So I say, that trust in the healthcare setting, creates a positive working environment, which fosters healthy relationships, safer patient care, and a more healing environment. 

The power of play opens us up to step into a deeper conversation of the joy that lives within our souls. Dr. Brown says it best when he states that “the most significant aspect of play is that play, allows us to express our joy and connect most deeply with the best in ourselves, and in others.” He expresses that play transcends love and work and infuses them with liveliness, stating, “Play is the purest expression of love.”

The greatest most powerful healing gift that oncology nurses offer their patients, is their purest expression of love. Through the expression of love flows compassion, kindness, support, unity, and a deeper sense of magic that cannot be measured or justified. This kind of ‘magic’ I speak of, can only be experienced through the openness that vulnerability allows when relating with others. This too can be called, building relationships. When we step into the dynamics of building relationships, we have an amazing opportunity to team play.

Whether in our personal relationships at home or our work relationships with our colleagues, team play requires building trusting relationships with those we are interacting with, which requires a kind of vulnerability that allows this thing I call ‘magic’ to infuse us with a sense of joyful wonder. This, magical joyful wonder is what I call, unconditional love. And unconditional love is the sweet medicine and the the healing power that creates a more harmonious environment within our selves and within our communities.

My wish is that we all continue to spread joy through team play, no matter the delivery method, opening up to the ‘magic’ that only vulnerability can foster, and step into a more trusting dance of relationship with ourselves and those we ‘play’ with throughout our earth walk.

Soulfully, Sweet Caroline creator of The Hula Hoop Girl

// Dance in the Center of Your Joy \\

Self-Care through Body Play

As human beings it is vital for our own health and quality of life that we practice self-care of the mind, of the body, and of the soul, so to sustain the ups and downs or the ebb and flow of the journey of life. The power of body play alleviates stress, guides mental focus, and brings the play practitioner into a state of movement meditation through what I call, ‘joy replenishment’. When a person is experiencing joy through movement, there is a state of release and replenishment that the play practitioner experiences, which serves as a powerful self-care practice. Thus, body play is a powerful self-care practice for all human beings. -C.S. 

The Hula Hoop Girl Self-Care Through Body Play


Tell Your Sister You Love Her


Life is about being in the dance of relationship while keeping your heart open to experience magic.

I had a wonderful conversation this morning on Skype with this brilliant wild woman Ayesha creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto, who is doing inspiring women’s empowerment work in the world! She is magic beyond words!

We are of the tribe of the awakened feminine; women who choose to live out their lives expanding out far and wide offering up their unique soul gifts in service of the whole of Mother Earth and humanity. 

There is no stopping us! We know the sweet nectar of living your truth now!

Love you Ayesha! You inspire me to live boldly full of divine grace. Our mothers, who are both in heaven, are smiling and celebrating our union.