Hoop Dancing To Prevent And Decrease Burnout And Compassion Fatigue

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Self Care Through Body Play for Joy Replenishment

Think for a moment about a life without play. Dr. Stuart Brown, the President of the National Institute for Play, argued that the opposite of play is not work, it’s depression. Creating a conversation about the prevalence and challenges of burnout and compassion fatigue among nurses, while discussing the positive effects of hoop dancing as a form of body play for movement meditation, can aide in prevention of this occupational hazard through the release of stress and the replenishment of joy.

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Hoop Dancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

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The Hula Hoop Girl



Self-Care through Body Play

As human beings it is vital for our own health and quality of life that we practice self-care of the mind, of the body, and of the soul, so to sustain the ups and downs or the ebb and flow of the journey of life. The power of body play alleviates stress, guides mental focus, and brings the play practitioner into a state of movement meditation through what I call, ‘joy replenishment’. When a person is experiencing joy through movement, there is a state of release and replenishment that the play practitioner experiences, which serves as a powerful self-care practice. Thus, body play is a powerful self-care practice for all human beings. -C.S. 

The Hula Hoop Girl Self-Care Through Body Play