Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training & Certification Program

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Join Shakti Sunfire of The Rhythm Way  and I Sweet Caroline of  The Hula Hoop Girl for a powerful Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training and Certification.

Learn how to poetically and powerfully deliver your students into a profound hoopdance experience that will leave them coming back for more. Skillful teaching is an ART that can be learned and that serves the whole. Step into your voice, your inner resources and your body as a successful Elemental Hoopdance Guide.

Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Certification is a weaving and co-creative course carefully crafted to coax out into center stage your unique teaching power and voice. Choose from an online, at-home guided self-study course, or the next in-person training with Shakti. Modules are structured to merge metaphorical and physical understanding and application of the 4 main elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, along with insightful, dance-focused hoopdance teaching techniques, and integral mastery of movement from the inside out. Through group and one-on-one process work, we’ll dive into beauty and metaphor to help us refine our skills to be empowered leaders and teachers in our communities. 

I also offer a FREE Discovery Call for any one who is interested abut still has questions. Send me a Personal Message if you would like to set up a call.
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