Flesh and Bone



Flesh and Bone


You, who stands before me, disrobed, with all of your knowing.

You, who’s voice calls upon humanity to engage with Soul.

You, who sings, and dances, and moves, and grooves in all of your splendor. 



It is the courage that rises within you,

that shakes my hollow bone.

It is the audacity that expands far and wide through you,

demanding these roots to dig,


into the dark, murky, moist soil.

So that I too,

can rise with courageous ferocity.

So that I too,

can live out that very truth that is yearning,

to take shape in creative form.



Connection is the sweet nectar of relationship,

and magic,

is the joining of such relationships

spiraling together naturally,

forming the silhouette of the Soul’s whisper.



Here I rise rooted.

Here I dig deeper.

Here I climb higher.

Here I expand to the furthest reaches.

Here through flesh and bone,

I dance between the tensions of my Soul’s longing,

and live into edges of the larger story,

as I take my place, in the natural world of life.



-Poetess Caroline P. Sánchez of The Hula Hoop Girl


Photo of Laura Anne Larriva Page Quest Guide and founder of The Rhythm Way out in the wilds of Joshua Tree at The Red Thread’s Underworld Immersion.


Photographer and Soul Navigator Britt Nemeth of Britt Nemeth Studios 

QUEST is part pilgrimage to soul, and part leadership training.


It is designed to be intelligent, pragmatic, inspiring, and clear. It is designed to offer you the tools you need to take your place as an Earth-Based Leader.


What is Earth-Based Leadership?


Earth-Based Leadership is a way of moving in the world that deeply recognizes the interconnectedness of all of life. It maintains the fundamental knowing that everything is intelligent and alive, and by apprenticing to the rhythms of the earth, sun and moon, we re-member our own deeply instinctual wisdom. It offers us the bone-deep knowing of our ultimate place, our gifts and our dreams that are about much more than our own individual lives. In a world of complexity and rapid change, with the environment pushed to extremes, and our species increasing interconnectedness, we’re called to model a new way of living and leading. Earth-Based Leadership is about responding to that call.

Don’t Ever Let Go of the Thread


The Red Thread is an experiential, intimate, and nature-based journey designed for women of all ages and backgrounds that draws on the wisdom of the earth to lay the map for psycho-spiritual wholeness.


Tracking this thread – the thread of life, responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to know ourselves and our place outside of social conditioning, to celebrate the many voices of the feminine within, and to stand inside our sovereignty so that our gifts may come through fully in the spirit of cultural artistry.


Using the ancient symbols of the circle and the red thread, we’ll explore nature’s rhythms as they relate and mirror to us our own inner rhythms in ceremony, ritual, meditation, movement, and contemplative practices. We’ll explore  the active evolution of our own mythic lives. We’ll journey through the dynamic and shifting wheel of The Great Round – the Mysteries of life and transformation, to reclaim and protect our primary place of belonging. We’ll follow what is ancient and exiled by the thread we never set down.


Together we make the fundamental assumption that each woman is shaped by Mystery to be exactly who they are, and that being so will not only serve the individual in their lives, relationships and careers, but will ultimately serve the Earth Community.


It is also especially true in our modern culture that we can choose otherwise, and thus keep ourselves small… sometimes unconsciously. For that reason, we’ll explore the ways in which we move in reactivity, shame and fear, and strengthen our ability to respond in our wild wholeness.


During this time of great uncertainty, during this time of sadness, during this time of injustice, let us rise.


Near or far together, let us join our hands and hearts.

Together, let us rise to the occasion.

Together, let us take our place in the natural world and share through the gateway of the body what we stand for, what we stand to protect, what we no longer will allow.

Here we stand to protect humanity and Mother Earth. Here we stand united for the dream of the Earth to work through us so to be of service in right relationship moving from our wholeness.


Developmental Psychologist and Professor Dr. James W. Fowler asks:



-What are you spending and being spent for? What commands and receives your best time, your best energy?

-What causes, dreams, goals or institutions are you pouring out your life for?

-To what or whom are you committed in life and in death?

-With whom or what group do you share your most sacred and private hopes for your life and for the lives of those you love?

-What are the most sacred hopes, those most compelling goals and purposes in your life?

Quest and The Red Thread are just some of the potent ways in which I have felt supported to dive deeper into Soul and rise rooted as an earth-based leader, so to live out the seeds that I carry for world to benefit.




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