Oncology Nurses and the Power of Play

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What happens when you bring a shinny hula hoop to a breast cancer clinic?

The oncology nurses erupt into laughter, movement, and joy and the power of play begins to infuse the clinic with the healing power of team play (community)!

Dr. Stuart Brown founder of the National Institute for Play states, “Play, is becoming increasingly recognized as an important component of success in the workplace”. He states that trust in any setting, is established through play signals. So I say, that trust in the healthcare setting, creates a positive working environment, which fosters healthy relationships, safer patient care, and a more healing environment. 

The power of play opens us up to step into a deeper conversation of the joy that lives within our souls. Dr. Brown says it best when he states that “the most significant aspect of play is that play, allows us to express our joy and connect most deeply with the best in ourselves, and in others.” He expresses that play transcends love and work and infuses them with liveliness, stating, “Play is the purest expression of love.”

The greatest most powerful healing gift that oncology nurses offer their patients, is their purest expression of love. Through the expression of love flows compassion, kindness, support, unity, and a deeper sense of magic that cannot be measured or justified. This kind of ‘magic’ I speak of, can only be experienced through the openness that vulnerability allows when relating with others. This too can be called, building relationships. When we step into the dynamics of building relationships, we have an amazing opportunity to team play.

Whether in our personal relationships at home or our work relationships with our colleagues, team play requires building trusting relationships with those we are interacting with, which requires a kind of vulnerability that allows this thing I call ‘magic’ to infuse us with a sense of joyful wonder. This, magical joyful wonder is what I call, unconditional love. And unconditional love is the sweet medicine and the the healing power that creates a more harmonious environment within our selves and within our communities.

My wish is that we all continue to spread joy through team play, no matter the delivery method, opening up to the ‘magic’ that only vulnerability can foster, and step into a more trusting dance of relationship with ourselves and those we ‘play’ with throughout our earth walk.

Soulfully, Sweet Caroline creator of The Hula Hoop Girl

// Dance in the Center of Your Joy \\


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