Brilliant Sunset


Brilliant Sunset

the essence of every moment embodied.
It is a living, breathing, experiencing, discovering, synergistic, chaotic, ever-moving-moment. 
A happening,
a kind of quickening,
where we hold every opportunity,
to shine the brilliance within the very core of our being.
A moment,
where our truth-seeking never ceases. 

We remain in full discovery of how our body moves in space, in time.
We remain in full discovery of how our interactions,
our relationships,
with one another,
how these moments,
play out a story of it’s own,
manifested from the expresser’s, expression.

Why wait a moment to seek the truth you seek?
Why wait a moment to hold back on the longing within your very soul?
Why wait any given moment to envision, create, develop, and express?

Life is the most incredible gift offered to our soul,
only but once, in the physical.

The way we dance,
the way we sing,
our thoughts,
become our centered reality.

May we ascend and descend,
beyond what the eye can see,
but rather what the soul can feel.
May the gift and the glory of Life, bring us into an expansive consciousness,
of our deepest knowing,
that which carries the sea,
and mysteriously leaping
into the sunset corners of our being.

-Caroline Sánchez of The Hula Hoop Girl

Photograph by David Rothwell


I Heart The Hula Hoop Girl Girls!


Feeling The Hula Hoop Girl love this morning!

The Hula Hoop Girl Girls are women who feel empowered to dance in the center of their joy by exploring their own unique rhythmic movements through the gateway of their body for self-discovery, self-expression, and self-acceptance through powerful body play practices of hoop dance, ecstatic dance, yoga, and guided meditation.

 The Hula Hoop Girl Girls too!

// Dance in the Center of Your Joy \\