Dance in the Center of Your Joy Mentorship

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Dance in the Center of Your Joy Mentorship Video

The Hula Hoop Girl‘s Mission is to serve as an advocate for joy, guiding women to resource from their own physical, emotional, intuitive, and imaginative intelligence through the powerful body play practices of Hoop Dance, Ecstatic Dance, and Yoga, so that women feel empowered to practice their joy, protect their joy, share their joy, and dance in the center of their joy.
This beautiful soul’s name is Arian! Last weekend she taught me how necessary it is for female elders to serve as guides and mentors for young women like herself, in full support of their growth and development. These young girls need our love, our encouragement, our guidance, and our protection, so that they may feel safe to be expansive with their creativity and feel empowered to share with the world, the beautiful treasures that live within their soul’s. 

Are you serving as a mentor or guide for our young ones out there?